Ithaca Guns Comes To Ohio

By Chris Chumita

The legendary Ithaca shotguns are back, and are being manufactured in Ohio. Ithaca Guns USA, LLC is now owned by Craig and Floyd Marshall. The Marshalls own a molding and tool company in Ohio called Moldcraft. Moldcraft currently makes plastic molds and once did work for the Chrysler Tank Plant.

Since they were first produced in 1883, Ithaca guns have been known for their quality and reliability. Their most famous model, the Model 37 repeater was first produced in 1937. Prominent figures such as Teddy Roosevelt and Annie Oakley have been known to use Ithaca firearms. From 1916 until his death, John Philip Sousa used an Ithaca gold inlaid trap gun that became known as the “Sousa Grade.” Sousa was the president of the American Amateur Trapshooting Association, which was the forerunner to the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA). His famous trap gun can be viewed at the Trapshooting Hall of Fame and Museum at the ATA Headquarters located in Vandalia, Ohio.

During the 1980s, Ithaca Guns moved from Ithaca to King Ferry New York. It was later sold to a group of investors that quickly faced bankruptcy due to an environmental clean up project at the old facilities in Ithaca. Anticipating a being purchased by an investor in Rhode Island, Ithaca moved to a new facility in Auburn, New York in April 2005. The deal fell through and Ithaca Guns closed its doors on Memorial Day.

While purchasing an Ithaca shotgun at a gun store, Craig Marshall heard about the closing of Ithaca Guns. It was that fateful trip to a gun store that saved this legendary gun manufacturing company from closing its doors forever.

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Craig Marshall went home, did some research on the internet, and made a purchase offer. The whole process took approximately 4 months, and over 160 emails were exchanged. In December of 2005, Craig and his father Floyd, officially purchased Ithaca Guns. The Marshalls purchased the rights to the Ithaca name, drawings, files, and inventory.

The Marshalls are proud to manufacture their firearms in the United States, and has no interest in outsourcing any of the work to foreign counties. The previous owners also saw the importance of ensuring that the Ithaca firearms continued to be made in the United States. They reportedly passed on a larger offer made by a major firearms manufacturer, because they planned to out source some of the work to foreign countries.

Ithaca Guns USA, LLC is now housed in a 30,000 square foot manufacturing plant, located in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. They are currently only working on non-ATF regulated parts such as barrels, triggers, and stocks. Ithaca Guns USA is currently waiting for their license approval from the ATF, but expects to be able to start manufacturing firearms in approximately 60 days.

Initially, Ithaca Guns USA will be producing the Model 37, 51, and Mag 10. In the future they plan on reintroducing the 5E, the NID Ithaca Doubles (side x sides), and a smaller 28 gauge shotguns for youths and smaller adults.

If you are in the market for a new shotgun, consider supporting an Ohio based, American made and owned company such as Ithaca Guns USA. For more information, visit their web site at:

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