Jon Husted makes his run for Secretary of State official

By Jim Irvine

Pro-gun former Speaker of the Ohio House Jon Husted (R - Kettering) has officially announced that he is running for Ohio Secretary of State in 2010.

As a State Representative, Husted voted for House Bill 274, an early concealed carry reform bill. And, it is worth noting, he voted for the clean bill, before the Ohio Senate wrecked it with every poison pill then Governor Taft could think of. Later, he also voted for HB12, the concealed carry reform bill that eventually became law in Ohio.

As Speaker of the Ohio House, Husted was a leader in passing statewide preemption, which ended a patchwork of conflicting and confusing laws and replaced it with uniform firearms laws throughout the state. Governor Taft vetoed the bill, HB347, but the General Assembly voted to override the veto - something that had not happened in almost 30 years. Husted also helped lead the effort to "de-Taft" Ohio's gun laws. Senate Bill 184 passed last year, eliminating the most dangerous and aggravating laws effecting law-abiding gun owners.

The office of Secretary of State is open in 2010. The person who currently holds the office, Jennifer Brunner (D), has declared her candidacy for United States Senate, and will not be seeking re-election for the office.

The office of Secretary of State is important because it holds a seat on the apportionment board, which will redraw the districts and traditionally has had a role in helping the party who draws the lines control the legislature. Husted has indicated he favors an overhaul of the system, making it less partisan.

Visit Jon Husted's campaign web site:

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