KEY RACE: Cincinnati Enquirer Endorses Stratton & O'Connor for Supreme Court

Completing what has become nearly a major media sweep in Ohio, the Cincinnati Enquirer has joined the Columbus Dispatch, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Toledo Blade and the Canton Repository (not to mention OFCC PAC!) in its enthusiastic support for Justice Evelyn Stratton (R) and Lt. Gov. Maureen O'Connor (R) for Ohio Supreme Court.

Like the other editorial boards, the Enquirer makes the point that "two of the most important statewide races in Ohio this fall are the ones voters seem to know least about - justices on the Ohio Supreme
Court. That is a shame. On issues from school funding to employment law [and Concealed Carry Reform!], their rulings affect all Ohioans."

"In recent years, Ohio's court has been fractious and over-reaching, issuing decisions that have stretched some legal and constitutional concepts to the breaking point. Recent rulings on liability issues, for
example, have become a national joke."

"The job calls for a blend of keen intelligence, trail experience, legal
insight, steely temperament and judicious restraint - the ability to tune out those high-powered, big bucks interests seeking to influence decisions."

"With all this in mind, our choices are the two GOP-endorsed candidates:
incumbent Justice Evelyn Stratton in her re-election bid against Janet Burnside, and Lt. Gov. Maureen O'Conner in her race against Tim Black."

"Ohioans should elect justices who can help restore the court's proper role, credibility and respect. Justice Evelyn Stratton and Maureen O'Connor are the best choices to do that."

Following is more of the endorsement:

"Justice Stratton has been an outstanding member of the court, and there is absolutely no reason why she shouldn't be re-elected. A strong, collegial force, she has helped forge consensus whenever possible. Her opinions are models of clarity and good sense, following law and precedent. Her work on special projects - judicial training, court security, adoption reforms and mental health - have won national admiration."

"She has served with distinction. She's a keeper. That's what voters should do - keep her on the court."

"In the race for the open seat of retiring Justice Andrew Douglas, ...Ms. O'Connor's experience and outlook gives her the edge." She has served two years as a common pleas judge and eight years as a probate court magistrate, as well as being a county prosecutor. As lieutenant governor, she broke new ground as department head in charge of public safety. She says her job is to "interpret the law, apply it to the facts, and render an opinion regardless of who the parties are," and that the court must "shift from an activist philosophy to a philosophy of judicial restraint."

"That marks a contrast with Judge Black. the only one of the four candidates who supports Issue 1 to ban jail-time for first-time drug offenders, he says he's not concerned with it's possible constitutional problems, but believes it is 'good social policy.'"

"He speaks of "promises in the (state) constitution that are not being kept" - an ominous portent of openended mandates. That is troubling - as is his reported comment to Ohio Democrats that "this is labor's seat" on the court. It is not, just as Justice Stratton's is not "business' seat." Justice Stratton and Ms. O'Connor rightly reject that kind of thinking, while their opponents fudge. This week, the GOP-backed duo denounced an independent ad supporting them that presumed to imply how they would vote, and both were attacked in ads their opponents failed to

"Ohioans should elect justices who can help restore the court's proper role, credibility and respect. Justice Evelyn Stratton and Maureen O'Connor are the best choices to do that."

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