Large crowd attends Capital University forum with Dr. John Lott

By Linda Walker

On Wednesday night, seven members of Buckeye Firearms Columbus group disarmed and made their way to Capital University during "Gun Week" to hear a forum by John Lott, the author of "The Bias Against Guns". The event was put on by the Capital College Republicans, who invited us to join them. We arrived and settled into our seats with more than 120 college students and listened intently to what Mr. Lott had to say.

Dr. Lott began by speaking of the way the media chooses to only report the bad things about guns, because it grabs the attention of the readers, but never choose to print the good things that happen or are prevented because of guns. He pointed out that fewer than 1% of all stories will include the fact that a gun was used to stop a crime. A prime surprising example was that during the rash of school shootings beginning in the early '90's, 26% of all those shootings were stopped because of an armed citizen. This was never reported.

Dr. Lott also pointed out to the audience the fact that Federal Government studies have always focused on the money that it costs because of gun crime, but have never once conducted a study on the money that is saved because of the prevention of crime when a firearm was used.

Other notes from the forum:

  • An interesting study was conducted by interviewing American burglars vs. British burglars, where the owning of guns is prohibited. The study showed that an American burglar will case a property 2 times longer than their British counterparts. The reason given? They're afraid they'll get shot! Lott told students that a scary, shocking statistic for the British is that 59% of all burglaries occur when the home owner is home!
  • The Center for Disease Control conducted studies between 1995-2001 about how many children under the age of 10, die per year from gunshot wounds. It averages 9.5 deaths per year. The remarkable thing about the study is that they don't tell you all of those deaths came about because of an adult "criminal" male in the household.
  • Other not so surprising studies have shown that law abiding citizens (there are 96 million guns in America) who keep guns in their homes have a near 0% ratio of deaths to their children from accidental gunshots. This being with and without the use of trigger locks. It is all about the proper instruction and guidance with our children in the teaching of proper handling of firearms.

    Students were also treated to a fact that all Ohio legislators should consider. Dr. Lott said that when the states require anything over 8 hours of classroom time, there is a 60% drop off rate in persons actually getting their CCW's, because they know that it will require more than one day to take the classes.

    The college students were very enthusiastic with their quality questions. It was nice to see individuals of that age showing an interest in guns, politics and their rights.

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    Professor John R. Lott Jr. points out in his book, The Bias Against Guns that there is either a concerted effort to shape the gun debate by the establishment media or gross negligence on their part. Either way the fact remains that the establishment media through their one-sided reporting of the gun issue is making the news instead of simply reporting it.

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