Letter to the Ashland Times-Gazette

Never in my life have I read an Editorial so full of malice and contempt, as to what you published March 19th, 2005.

If I want to address Congress to change the law, that is my right; for you to threaten to "expose" me to my neighbours as retaliation for legislation you don't like is tantamount to blackmail, and will not be tolerated!

This editorial is the proof of why Rep Aslandies wants the law changed. You are disseminating information to the general public which it is not entitled to have. Ohio's Sunshine Laws' are for the people to keep our Government transparent, not the release of information on private citizens.

It is amazing, in your arrogance, that some how you feel that anyone with a CCW license is a threat, and that the community must be aware of who. Why?

Neither you, nor anyone else, has the legal authority to gather the list of CCW holders and conduct any sort of background check on those people without their express consent; nor do their "neighbours" have any authority it grant permission for them to obtain or carry arms.

If you want to help the community, the publish a list of those who are proven to be a menace to society...the convicted felons, sex-offenders and drunk drivers who reside in our county! Or, are you afraid of violating their privacy rights?

So go ahead, print that list.

This being a small town, putting addresses to the names will be an easy task.

Unlike the criminal element, (who you claim won't do that), I intend to use it for lawful purposes; mainly to see if everyone will band together to fight you and your stupidity for violating our right of privacy.

Jim Ellison
Ashland, OH
Life Member, NRA
Member, OGCA
Member, OFCC

Ashland Times-Gazette Editor and General Manager Ted E. Daniels can be reached as follows:

419-281-0581 x 211
[email protected]

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