Letter to Buckeyefirearms.org: Pat Wray's attack on NRA's hunting stance

Pat Wray's recent attacks on the NRA are typical, self-serving diplospeak.

Lofty environmental goals are a wonderful concept, until it empowers others to force their ideals on us all. It's the very definition of ecoimperialism when Wray and his ilk can deny anyone of their right to enjoy the out of doors, just because their physical condition or work schedule might preclude them from a 3-day, 30-mile wilderness backpack.

If Wray did his homework--instead of engaging in political diatribe--he'd realize when the National Forest Service "set aside" 58 million acres as roadless, the maps were inaccurate, duplicative and in many cases, left to local, politically determined interpolation.

When I covered the story in Southern Arizona, the maps indicated one popular road for fishermen was permanently closed in a national forest. But when I interviewed the Arizona Game and Fish Department officer in charge of the region, he couldn't determine whether it was the main road or a secondary route.

The national forest was unable to provide clarification either, so both ended up closed to law-abiding fishermen. I confirmed similar stories in Idaho. If the same holds true, nationwide, Wray should modify his "modest" claim of a 58-million-acre closure to 116-million acres.

America may be beautiful, but try and explain that to my 27-year-old wheelchair-bound daughter who can't savor the same sites with her sons that Wray and his ecoimperialistic friends can.

Guy J. Sagi
Editor in Chief
NRA Free Hunters

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