Letter to the Editor: Anti-gun coalition is losing grip on reality

February 24, 2004
Toledo Blade

Apparently still stinging from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence is again attempting to wield its influence regarding the issue of concealed carry.

Although displaying remarkable tenacity in its fight for a lost cause, the OCAGV authorized a press release on Feb. 13 encouraging all that "If you see someone with a gun, continue to assume their activity is suspicious. Call law enforcement to investigate and leave the area."

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As usual, the OCAGV is unaware that concealed-carry permit holders will be required by law to make every effort to prevent the public from knowing they are carrying a concealed weapon. Intentional disclosure of such would at least be considered brandishing a weapon, a chargeable criminal offense.*

As far as calling law enforcement and leaving the area, this would be on the level of a prank call, a waste of police resources, and should be treated as such.

If the OCAGV would do a little research, it might discover that its shrill "chicken-little" tactics have been so thoroughly disproven that a prudent person must ask, have these folks lost their grip on reality?

The anti-firearm lobby arguments are based exclusively on emotion and deliberate distortion of available data.

Virtually every "gun control" law has proven to be an abject failure insofar as its value as a crime-fighting or prevention tool.

Concealed carry, along with better policing, strict enforcement and punishment, and community involvement in crime prevention are proven winners in the fight against violent crime.

While I respect and defend the OCAGV's right to present their position, I suggest their "advice" be taken at face value.

Their obvious paranoia, repeatedly exhibited despite the factual evidence to the contrary, would suggest some professional intervention.


*Since open carry is permissible in most places (aside from Toledo, where Beatty resides), allowing a concealed handgun to become visible is not criminal (as witnessed in 19 open carry 'Defense' Walks last fall). The real irony here is that Hoover has repeatedly endorsed the practice of open carry, yet now advocates that police be called whenever someone sees a "man with a gun". With that said, we enjoyed the rest of Mr. Beatty's letter!

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