Letter to the editor: Anti self-defense column baseless drivel

We recently reported on an anti-self-defense editorial written by Columbus Dispatch Senior Editor Joe Hallet. In the article, Mr. Hallet admitted that he doesn't want to hear from readers about his opinion, that he doesn't care what they think, and that he dreaded the email and voicemail messages he anticipates receiving (and plans on ignoring) after writing his latest anti self-defense editorial.

Columbus resident Carl Fry was undeterred, and wrote an excellent response, which was published in the May 1 edition of the Dispatch.

Apparently the Dispatch was more interested in the responses of those who agreed with Mr. Hallett, because they also printed two praising him for "speaking out" against loud and intimidating special interest groups". We'd be willing to bet the letters didn't come to the Dispatch in a 2-1 ratio against CCW - any takers at the editorial board?

Because the Dispatch website is subscription-based, Mr. Fry's entire letter has been archived, and can be accessed by clicking on the "Read More..." link below.

Anti-NRA column was baseless drivel
Thursday, May 1, 2003

Senior Editor Joe Hallett did it again. I can't wait 'til Sunday morning to see what kind of poorly researched drivel he has to offer this week. In his April 20 column, Hallett said 99 people in Franklin County were killed by guns in 1999 and 2000, and only 81 were killed by cars. I guarantee that cars kill more people. How many of the 99 deaths were drug-related? I'm also sure at least a few were killed by homeowners protecting their families.

Hallett expects people to simply be victims of crime, right? He says he supports the Second Amendment and is an occasional hunter. I think Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., tried to pull the same stunt by saying she goes duck hunting once in a while.

Does Hallett even know what an assault weapon is or what a cop-killer bullet is? Does he know a bow and arrow can cut though a Kevlar vest like a knife though butter?

I don't think Hallett knows that the Second Amendment was not written simply so he and Hillary could go out and shoot ducks once in a while. It was written to ensure that the people retain some control of government. Ask anyone who lived under communism, Nazism or Saddamism if he was permitted to own a firearm. Ask anyone from the Middle East what happens if someone is caught with a gun. Our country is free because of the Second Amendment, not in spite of it.

The reason the National Rifle Association does not back down is simple: Its 4 million members will not let it. Those are 4 million people who understand history and won't make the same mistakes again.

Anyone who thinks guns are the problem, check out the crime rate in Great Britain since most private ownership of firearms was banned. Less guns, less crime? Fat chance.


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