Letter to the Editor: "Good for you BFA!"

Dear Editor:

I'd like to thank Buckeye Firearms and [the leaders] who wrote the reasoning behind the Strickland endorsement.

I'm no fan of Democrat candidates in general. But over the last few years I've been pretty disgusted that there's not more than a dime's worth of difference between most Democrats and Republicans anyway... so for BFA to endorse Strickland over Kasich PROVES that Ohio gun owners are serious about the subject of gun rights.

[BFA's] article ["The Role of Single Issue PACs"] is right on the mark. We are in lock-step with our Constitutional rights and with individual freedom in the area of firearms, and not with some political party. I can only see this as a means to force politicians from ALL parties to consider a move toward our position. The Strickland endorsement expresses strength of conviction, something few politicians have, but are slowly learning to recognize. Those who have vascillated too much in the past will not likely see success; those who have remained true to principles will surpass them and be filtered to the top. Considering the significance of the 2010 election, this is the smartest move BFA could have made for the future of advancing firearms rights in Ohio.

I refuse to carry the banner for a political party in their current state of affairs. First candidate to most closely match my Conservative views wins my vote, party affiliation be hanged. My hope as a Conservative voter is that other groups will be able to mirror your success in making other issues such as fiscal irresponsibility, governmental over-reaching, amnesty for illegals, etc., such millstones around the necks of politicians that we actually regain a little common sense in both Columbus and Washington; and in so doing our state and nation may rebound to our former glory and beyond.

Indeed, I will have to weigh the value of other issues before I cast my vote for Governor this fall. But I respect and appreciate Mr. Strickland's consistent stand on firearms issues. Thank you, BFA, for putting all politicians on notice, that WE MEAN BUSINESS.


David Norris
Xenia, OH

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