Letter to the Editor: ''Taft didn't keep his campaign promises''

The Cincinnati Enquirer has published a letter to the editor which does an excellent job of outlining some of Gov. Bob Taft's broken campaign promises, including the one promising to support concealed carry reform. He puts it in the context of how Taft's behavior is hurting his party:

"I am a strong Republican, like the majority of voters that live around me. I donate to the national, state and local Republican parties.

I just received a letter from the state Republical Party asking why I haven't donated this year. The answer is because of the man I voted for to run the state. He has turned out to be the typical politician.

In his campaign for governor, he said he would:"

Click on the "Read More..." link below for more of the letter, including an admonition of Taft for preventing Ohioans from protecting their families.

• Eliminate the E-check. E-check is still in business... (Further comments edited for space, see below for a link to the original letter)

• No new taxes. We all know the answer to that one. (Further comments edited for space, see below for a link to the original letter)

• He promised to pass the right-to-carry bill. Now he promises to veto any bill on right-to-carry. He thinks he knows more than the 43 other states that have passed a right-to-carry law, including Indiana and Kentucky. He has body guards that protect him and his family. With all the warnings of terrorism, I am the only one who can protect myself and family, and I am going to do just that, no matter what he says.

I hope he can come up with enough votes to get re-elected. He better try hard because he won't get any votes from my part of the state. I think he turned into a Democrat.

Gary Willey, Batavia

OFCC PAC Commentary:
The good news, Mr. Wiley, is that Bob Taft cannot run for the governor's office again, due to term limits. The bad news is that he remains very-much a thorn in the side of those who wish to practice their constitutional right to self-defense in this state.

Writing letters to the Governor's office is fine, but years of experience tell us he simply will NOT listen to reason. However, like most other state governors, Taft has his eye on a bigger political prize, perhaps even the White House. And nobody can make it there without the support of their state and national political party.

To express your disappointment in Gov. Bob Taft in being completely unwilling to take a stand on any controversial issues, click on the links below:

Ohio Republican Party

Republican Governors Association

Republican National Committee

Let Taft's Republican party leaders know about our disappointment that Ohio, with such a complete dominance by Republicans in state government, has repeatedly failed, time and time again, to pass a
conservative issue such as concealed carry reform.

Click here to read the full letter in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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