Letter-writer receives response to ''Wake up ODW'' email

On January 4, 2007, Buckeye Firearms Association Region Leader John Salyers published a story on this website entitled "Hello Ohio Division of Wildlife?", in which he addressed the problem of Ohio being behind the curve vs. neighboring states on the issue of carrying a concealed handgun while hunting.

Several days later, the following was submitted as a news story to www.buckeyefirearms.org:

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Rhay
    Sent: Sunday, January 07, 2007 11:20 AM
    To: Wildinfo
    Subject: Wake up ODW

    When I hunt in Michigan I am allowed to carry my concealed weapon to protect myself from bears, wild pigs, rabid animals, and 2 legged felons. The same is true when I hunt in Pennsylvania, and Florida where I have a second home. Why does the ODW not trust Ohioans with CHL who have passed background checks and have been trained for self defense. Why does the ODW continue to violate our rights in this area? Present your evidence to the contrary. No conjecture please. Power of Government flows from the people to you, not the reverse.

    R. Haynes

Click on the 'Read More' link below for the response Mr. Haynes received, as well as additional commentary from Buckeye Firearms Association Region Leader Larry S. Moore.

Mr. Haynes informed buckeyefirearms.org editors that he received the following reponse:

    Thank you for writing to us with your question on concealed carry. Currently, the concealed carry laws do not overrule the hunting regulations for a particular area or game species. For example, no firearms are allowed to be carried when archery deer hunting, only specific firearms can be carried during the muzzleloader season, and no more than one firearm or specific handguns can be carried when deer hunting during the statewide gun season. Additionally, only certain types of firearms may be used when turkey hunting and they cannot be taken with a handgun, nor can people who are aiding or assisting another hunter be armed with a firearm unless they are have a valid hunting license. Carrying your concealed handgun with permit would be allowed for many other game species such as waterfowl, squirrel, upland birds, to name some.

    The Division of Wildlife is always open to suggestions from the public on the proposed hunting/fishing/trapping regulations. The Division of Wildlife is holding open houses on March 4, 2007 between noon and 3pm at your local district office. Please feel free to attend and voice your suggestion for a change in concealed carry regulations.

    If you have more specific questions you may which to contact the wildlife officer assigned to the county where you live, the wildlife district office in your area, or 1-800-WILDLIFE. Their phone numbers can be found in the back of the hunting and trapping regulations books. I hope this information was helpful and thank you again for writing to us.


Commentary from Buckeye Firearms Association Region Leader and award-winning outdoor writer Larry S. Moore:

We encourage people to write letters to the editors; to
vote; to get involved. Well, March 4 from noon to 3:00 PM is the time for
sportsmen to get involved. It is the time the Division of Wildlife takes
public input - on any topic you desire. Some topics and changes the
Division will be putting forth for comment. Others will have to be
generated from the public. Many changes in our hunting laws and seasons
have originated from public demand. These include Sunday hunting and special
early youth seasons to name two.

This is your once in a year chance to make your voice heard to the Division.
Use it or lose it for another year. Sitting on the sidelines on Sunday,
gives you no right to be a Monday morning quarterback later. As an outdoor
writer, I get the District and statewide recaps. I know and can prove the
Division looks at all the input. Just like with the General Assembly, it is
a numbers game to make an impact and drive change.

Together we can accomplish the changes but only if everyone gets out or
writes. This is a prime example of a time when lip service does no good.
If you stay home, then you are part of the problem. If you want concealed
carry for hunters, or any other change in the wildlife regulations, now is
the time to be heard. There is a new administration in Columbus. There is
a new Director of the ODNR and will soon be a new Chief at the Division of
Wildlife. ODNR Director Logan has heard about concealed carry for hunters
from the leadership of Buckeye Firearms Association. Now it is up to the sportsmen, to
you, to make a difference on March 4.

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