Letters correct op-ed writer who makes being wrong about guns a full-time job

The Toledo Blade has published two excellent letters to the editor in which writers respond to a bigoted and derogatory op-ed published recently by anti-gun extremist Marilou Johanek.

Having once expressed her (very wrong) prediction that concealed carry would present Ohio with a "worst-case scenario when road, work, or play rage finds a trigger within easy reach", Johanek deserves to have her credibility questioned by readers of the Toledo Blade.

At least two writers have done just that, and their letters can be read by clicking on the "Read More..." link below.

March 16, 2006
Toledo Blade

Facts ease fears about gun law

Rather than play to the irrational fears of people who don't really understand the pros and cons of concealed carry, perhaps Blade columnist Marilou Johanek should look at the facts:

1. Every jurisdiction in which concealed carry has been passed has experienced a reduction in crime, especially violent crime.

2. Since the passage of Ohio's concealed-carry law two years ago, there has not been a single instance of a "bad shoot" by any licensed carrier.

3. No other state has required concealed-carry license holders to jump through hoops to keep their pistols "in plain sight" or locked up in a vehicle. Extra handling of firearms increases safety risks and a locked-up firearm is useless in the kind of emergency that influences people to have them in the first place.

4. The efficacy of concealed carry for reducing crime depends, in part, on people not knowing who is armed and who is not. That way, all potential victims are potentially armed and criminals are deterred. Making public the information about who is armed takes away that advantage from those who are not.

5. Concealed-carry license holders are one-third as likely as the average citizen to commit any crime. They are one-seventh as likely as the average citizen to commit a violent crime.

6. Concealed-carry license holders must pass a thorough criminal-records check in order to be licensed. Can you say that about the person standing next to you in the checkout line, the one who is, perhaps, carrying illegally?

Marc K. Myers
Fairview Park, Ohio

Law-abiding citizens exercise their right

In response to Marilou Johanek's rant and her extreme dislike of a constitutional right, I ask her what is the problem with licensed individuals who pass a state and federal background check carrying a concealed gun? These people who jump through all the hoops and training to get a license have proven that they are the most trustworthy and law-abiding of citizens.

We are not talking about criminals here, as in Ms. Johanek's complete disdain for anybody who believes in this right would have us think. Licensed concealed carry for the State of Ohio is a law that does need some fixing. What good is this state law if cities can circumvent or make up their own laws? I can't understand why she is so opposed to law-abiding people exercising a right when we all benefit because the criminals in society don't know who is or who isn't armed.

I thank our founders for adding that pesky Second Amendment to our Constitution.

Jim Szych
Bennett Road

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