Letters to the Editor: Carry law has big impact

Several more Dayton Daily News readers have responded to a narrow-minded, uninformed rant from DDN columnist Martin Gottlieb, in which he attempted to make the case that because about 1% of eligible Ohioans have obtained licenses in the first nine months, that support for Right to Carry laws are a "narrow interest". As with the last round of letter-writers, DDN readers are proving to have far more of an understanding than this journalist about how concealed carry reform actually works.

Carry law has big impact

Re "99.5 percent ignore new gun law," March 4: Is Martin Gottlieb truly this ignorant about how the Ohio Conceal-Carry program is supposed to work, or is he just hoping his readers are?

Had he bothered a little research, he'd know these first nine months' numbers are actually better than other states that have recently passed laws. Isn't it amazing — even such a small percentage of the population carrying can have such a big impact on crime deterrence.

What other consumer protection program, other than the "do not call" registry, has this kind of participation? Ohio is issuing approximately 175 concealed handgun licenses per day.

Chad D. Baus, Archbold

Mr. Baus is spokesperson for Ohioans For Concealed Carry.

Firearm owners educated

Re "99.5 percent ignore new gun law," March 4: It was amazing how Martin Gottlieb used statistics to manipulate the data concerning the number of law-abiding citizens who have applied and been approved to carry concealed firearms.

No matter how you slice it, there are now 45,497 firearm owners who are better educated, safer, and approved to not only carry a concealed firearm, but to own and safely handle firearms.

Gary L. Cooper, Piqua

Gun control does not work

Re "99.5 percent ignore new gun law," March 4: I couldn't disagree with columnist Martin Gotlieb more regarding his opinion of the recently-enacted concealed carry law. Only a small percentage of people in the state of Ohio have chosen to obtain a CCW license, but are we not still constituents? Why all the rancor about our choice to do something about our personal protection?

Unfortunately, Dayton is becoming a very dangerous city and you well know the police cannot be everywhere all the time. What's wrong with law-abiding citizens (and that's what CCW license-holders are) having the ability to conceal-carry?

I am so tired of the liberal mantra of gun control. Gun control in any form does not work. It's been proven time and again. Look at the experience in England and Australia. The citizens there have no way of protecting themselves against increased crime.

I give thanks every day to the gun lobby. It's well organized and powerful because it has to be to counter the narrow-mindedness of some of our touchy-feely politicians. The only thing the criminal understands is force. His favorite target is a nice, juicy, unarmed citizen.

Rick Deremiah, Centerville

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