LTE: Banning guns in city parks makes sense

Every so often, it's good to remind ourselves just how uninformed our opponents truly are. OFCC PAC Commentary provided in blue.

May 23, 2005
Port Clinton News Herald

At last, someone with good sense has stood up and said enough; "Stay out of our parks when carrying arms!" and refusing to back down when confronted by the so-called hidden gun carriers.

Yes, if you're a non-gun owner who likes having your tax dollars wasted on lawsuits over issues that have no bearing on your daily life, and that even the state attorney general says are essentially a waste of money, the City of Clyde is the place for you!

This gun thing is an ego booster for those who believe they are superior to the rest of us because they have a gun in their back pocket.

Yes, those little 5' women who are wisely concerned about having a 250 lb. sexual predator attack them while jogging on a secluded trail sure are egomaniacs.

They claim defense. Are they going to walk around for the rest of their lives with their finger on the trigger to get in the first shot if someone decides they're worth shooting? The truth is they are more apt to die at their own hand than the rest of us poor peons carrying slingshots.

And your ridiculous predictions are based on what real world evidence?

There is an old saying, "Live by the sword, die by the sword."

There is also another "old saying" from the Bible. In Luke 22:36, Jesus told his disciples, who were about to depart on a dangerous journey: "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."

There is one of these loose in Toledo strutting around daring police to take exception. Talk about ego! He has placed himself in the position that if he did shoot someone it could be called premeditated murder. He has bragged that he would have an armed party in a Toledo park! I wrote Mayor Ford to get himself a big net to throw over this guy before he harms or kills an innocent child.

Ford didn't quite take your advice on throwing the book at Bruce Beatty. Instead, he ordered police to charge Beatty with a minor misdemeanor for violating a park rule. Beatty's firearm wasn't even confiscated. Several other persons were also armed and in the park that day, and were not charged. Oh, and did we mention no one was shot?

Parks are for pleasure and children, not wackos with guns.

Yes, please tell that to the thousands upon thousands of criminals who Democrat Sen. Ray Miller says are lurking in the parks every year.

Our near neighbor, Clyde, has taken the sensible stand and not backing down before the cry of rights. Hang in there, Clyde! Good for you, we back you to the limit.

William S. Lewis
Port Clinton

That's easy to say for a guy who isn't helping pay Clyde's legal bills, isn't it?

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