LTE: 'Gun-free' zones jeopardize innocent

April 15, 2005
Toledo Blade

Again, the fallacy of "gun-free school safety zones" confirms the failure of "gun control." The deaths of 10 people in such a zone in Minnesota could have been prevented.

The first step toward such prevention is to come to grips with the reality that "gun-free" zones do nothing except disarm the innocent, leaving them prey for cold-hearted killers who could care less about murdering innocents, to say nothing of ignoring signs and laws banning firearms.

We have seen proof of this again and again, especially in Ohio. After passage of concealed carry, many ill-advised businesses posted signs banning firearms. A surprisingly large number of these places, including banks, have experienced an unusually high rate of firearms-related crime.

One solution: armed citizens, including teachers.

While some may object to this idea, it works very well in Israel, where on several occasions, armed teachers have prevented terrorists from accomplishing their goal of killing school children.

"Gun control" is not, has not been, and never will be the answer. One Ohio anti-gun organization touts that violence is never the solution.

It is this writer's position that justifiable violence is very effective at protecting the innocent.

Firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens is a proven deterrent to violent criminal actions, and should be respected as part of the solution to this problem, for the children.

Bruce A. Beatty

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