LTE: School shootings illustrate need for gun ban

Let us never forget that gun grabbers are out there, just waiting for the right opportunity...

October 15, 2006
Columbus Dispatch

As if the world isn’t experiencing enough senseless violence, we are once again seeing a spate of school shootings in the United States. Every single one of these shooters was mentally deranged or a social misfit who believed the only solution to his problem was to take innocent hostages and kill or abuse them.

In every case, from Colorado to Pennsylvania, the shooters were armed to the teeth. They had no other combat skills. It was only their guns that allowed them to carry out their perverted plans. This reveals a basic truth: The people who think they need guns to solve their social problems are precisely the people who shouldn’t have them.

Most people don’t own guns and manage to live their lives without ever putting themselves in a position where they have to shoot their way out.

It’s only the nut cases who think they need guns, and then find ways to use them.

Yet still the National Rifle Association claims it’s just criminals who misuse guns, and we should just enforce the existing laws. That is a totally hollow argument. You can’t arrest somebody until after he commits the crime and victims are already dead. The law doesn’t stop him. The only way to stop him is not to allow him to have guns in the first place. This is the reason most other civilized countries have strict gun-control laws. Humans just aren’t capable of using guns responsibly. The power it gives them is too great.

Hunting season is about to start. On the first day of hunting season, a child will be shot by another hunter somewhere in Ohio. It happens every year. When will we ever learn?

Phil Musser
Upper Arlington

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