Marc Dann (D), candidate for Ohio Attorney General

If you are one of those people who think only Republicans fight to protect your Second Amendment rights, you need to meet Ohio Senator Marc Dann. He was the first, and one of only two elected officials to walk with grassroots activists in an “open carry” walk before concealed carry became law in Ohio. At that time, the House had passed a good concealed carry bill, but the Senate had failed to take action to send the legislation to the Governor. Many have observed a striking similarity to where we are today with HB347.

If you are a Republican who is happy with Governor Taft and Senator Mike DeWine, then you will probably like Marc Dann’s opponent. But if you are sick of your party selling you out to the highest bidder, or what ever else would make a person fight to kill good legislation for gun owners, than you need to support Marc. He is the only pro-gun candidate running for Attorney General, a crucial office for the gun owner.

There are many people who did the work required to make Ohio a shall-issue state. If you have a concealed handgun license (CHL), Marc Dann is one of the people you should thank—something you can do in November by giving him your vote for Attorney General.

Those that followed HB12 last session will remember it passed the House, but was delayed and then destroyed in the Senate. After months of delay, then President Doug White (R) bowed to enormous pressures from the grassroots and appointed Senators for the conference committee. There was considerable tension as the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) and Governor Taft insisted on poison pills to wreck the bill, and gun rights groups insisted on a good bill. For most legislators, following their conscience worked well, but the “political process” has ways of derailing common sense. Marc Dann was a key person that helped bridge the gap between the powerful leaders entrenched in their positions (some great, some terrible) and produce a bill from the conference committee that was able to complete its journey and become law.

It’s important to note that none of the bad provisions that are now part of our law were inserted because of Dann. Those all came from Republicans leadership. Dann simply helped differing parties find common ground – sometimes a political impossibility that can kill any legislation. Dann is a proven leader.

So what was Dann’s opponent doing while Senator Dann was working to get concealed carry bill to Taft’s desk? She was being quoted by NBC4 in Columbus as saying, “I would not sign this bill.” In recent campaign literature she has stated she will not seek to make any changes to current law. Marc Dann understands that changes are desperately needed. He looks forward to voting for a good HB347 when finally given the chance.

The difference is clear. One candidate spoke in opposition to concealed carry, has referred to the “dastardly” things people do with guns when asked about law-abiding CHL holders, seems to like the OSHP’s ridicules positions more than Taft and has declared she does not want to be the candidate of the NRA. She has never been a friend to gun owners. Marc Dann has consistently worked to help law-abiding citizens protect themselves. He is a friend to our cause.

Senator Dann is not a “Vermonter” and there are things we disagree about, but he is clearly the best candidate in this race for all gun owners. If you carry a firearm, or enjoy hunting, or participate in shooting sports, or collect guns, or simply value your right to own and shoot them, then no matter what party you belong to, you should support and vote for Marc Dann for Attorney General and ask your family and friends to do the same. He was not given his endorsement by Buckeye Firearms, he earned it. In doing so, we hope he also won your appreciation and support.

Buckeye Firearms will profile many of our endorsed candidates before the November 7 election day. Please make our endorsement count by volunteering to help these fine candidates.

Dann's opponent:
Betty Montgomery: "I will never be the candidate of the NRA."
2nd Amendment among Betty’s website ''keywords'', but content nonexistent

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