Mayor Ford seeks credit for end to rioting; forgets empty promises

Although the images of rioting in Toledo gave a whole nation pause, it is now obvious that Mayor Jack Ford (who is desperately trying to hold on to his office) was thinking less than the cost of violence on his constituents - and more about his job.

The Toledo Blade is reporting that two new Jack Ford campaign commercials focus on the weekend riot, and one includes the claim that the mayor "kept the situation contained."

From the story:

    The talking-head ads begin airing today on Toledo's four network television stations and the Buckeye CableSystem, campaign officials said.

    Mayor Ford stars in the first 30-second spot, expressing his reaction to the riots, which he saw first-hand.

    "The events of last weekend were difficult for Toledo. I witnessed actions that were unacceptable," Mr. Ford says to the camera.

    He promises to prosecute wrongdoers, credits police and firefighters for the few injuries, and tells listeners: "We must not let this one event cloud our city's future."

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    In the second spot, three speakers talk about the disturbances and Mr. Ford's determination to lead Toledo forward. Two of the speakers are Paul and Denise Johnson, of Old Orchard, although they are not identified in the commercial.

    The third speaker, also not identified, is the Rev. Mansour Bey, associate pastor of First Church of God, who talked about Mr. Ford's unsuccessful attempt to reason with the mob at the height of the riot.

    Mr. Ford, along with several of his top officials, waded into a large, angry crowd that included gang members at Mulberry Street and Central Avenue.

    His efforts to explain why he couldn't prevent neo-Nazis from marching through the neighborhood were shouted down. The impromptu dialogue, at about 2:50 p.m. Saturday, ended when Jim and Lou's Bar at the same intersection was looted and set on fire.

    "Mayor Ford showed courage when he went right into the crowd. He kept the situation contained," Mr. Bey said.

What is not being addressed, of course, is the type of gun control policies in the Ford administration that failed to live up to their promise to lower crime or protect the innocent from violence, and which rendered law-abiding citizens in these neighborhoods defenseless in the path of destruction.

Election Day is less than one month away. Ford came in second to former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner in the September Toledo mayoral primary.

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