Messages of thanks pour in from school employees after attending Buckeye Firearms Foundation-funded training opportunities

In addition to its much-publicized Armed Teachers Training Program, Buckeye Firearms Foundation is supporting various types of educational opportunities all over the state of Ohio. Following are just a few of the many responses we have received from people who have attended the training.

...I received a rare chance to be a guest of yours for the teachers conference Saturday morning [March 16]. I would like to personally thank you for that great opportunity. This was my first time seeing Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman speak and surely not the last. What a great guy, and strong freedom fighter for our rights! Every word he spoke touched a prism of my heart that I truly wasn't expecting.

During these times of struggle, and an outright war for what we are God, and lawfully, given, it warms my heart to see a group of individuals so dedicated and driven to fight for what is rightfully ours, the second amendment!

In the face of the recent rash of mass murders, you not only rhetorically and generically say "It's unconstitutional to start banning and registering firearms!" you also stand for a more radical approach. That approach being arming and empowering teachers, administrators, and school board members with KNOWLEDGE. The knowledge about firearms and firearm safety. About situational awareness, building safety and security, and about crisis management! I could see the transformation unfold before my eyes, from SHEEP to SHEEPDOG [that day]!

You and your administration at BFF have an awe inspiring gift. You touch my very soul from start to finish. You inspire me to keep fighting the good fight not only for our fellow Americans, but for the future generations, the children, of this great nation as well. You are doing such great things and I will forever continue to support and pray for you all.

Again, I want to give you a personal and heartfelt, thank you so very much, for the opportunity to be your guest at the teachers conference yesterday. I will forever be enriched by the emotion, and the knowledge that I was able to experience that day. I pray that you have a positive outcome with what you are doing this coming week, training the teachers, and that it is only the beginning!


I was privileged to be a part of the Armed Teachers training this past weekend in Archbold, Ohio. The class was taught by Chad Baus and Dave Arend. Many organizations and individuals donated materials, ammunition, and training facilities for our use over the two days. I would like to thank Buckeye Firearms Foundation for being one of the sponsors of the program. Many of us who work in the classrooms are trying to learn how to keep our kids safe and it is because of sponsors like you that we are able to take classes to help us do just that. Thank you for your support and for looking out for the welfare of our children!


I have just finished class for Teachers and Employees from the school system. It was an awesome class and would like to thank you for your donations which allowed me to take this class. I feel it is important for our school systems to be a safe environment for students to learn free of any safety issues. With your help it has allowed us to try and achieve this goal by arming employees in the schools. Let us hope and pray we will never have to use it, but in the event we do, we now have the knowledge to protect our students. Thanks Again.


I can not thank you enough for the class this weekend. Your knowledge and passion made for a wonderful class. I hope and pray I never have to use it, but in the event I do, I now have the skills and knowledge to take care of business.

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