Minster man guilty of stalking woman

This woman moved, changed her phone number, and even obtained a protection order to hide from this stalker. Had she obtained a CHL, some Ohio newspapers would have aided this man with his goal of pursuing her, by publishing her name with other CHL-holders, as callously as they would publish a list of sex offenders.

May 6, 2004
Dayton Daily News

XENIA | A Minster man will be sentenced June 18 after he was convicted Wednesday of stalking a 27-year-old Xenia woman to whom he sent 105 menacing e-mails in less than one month.

A Greene County Common Pleas jury convicted Theodore Hoying, 42, of menacing by stalking and intimidation of a witness. Assistant county prosecutor Robert K. Hendrix said he will ask for the maximum sentence of 6 1/2 years.

A boisterous Hoying repeatedly called the woman a liar Tuesday as she described his communications with her and the terror she said it created. She said he sent the e-mails between August and September.

She testified that she has moved and changed her phone number to avoid Hoying, who showed up at her job at least twice. He was able to get her home and e-mail addresses despite her efforts and a civil protection order filed in Dayton on Jan. 31, 2003.

Hendrix said Hoying began stalking the woman two years ago when she refused to date him. A hearing is pending in Municipal Court on a charge Hoying violated the temporary protection order.

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