Moment of truth for Republican Caucus: Governor threatens to veto gun bill

Taft takes issue with two proposed changes to conceal-carry law

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Ohio Governor Bob Taft, owner of the worst approval rating in the nation at 19%, has threatened to veto HB347 if it allows concealed carry in cars or changes the media access loophole.

From the story:

    Supporters say the bill will close loopholes and clean up the state’s nearly 2-year-old gun law, and it should pass out of a House committee by the end of March, said Rep. Robert E. Latta, R-Bowling Green, the committee chairman.

    But the governor won’t go along with two proposed changes: altering how guns must be carried in vehicles and restricting journalists’ access to the names of those with conceal-carry permits.

    "The governor would be opposed to any change in those provisions," spokesman Mark Rickel said.

    "The position remains the same as it did two years ago. Those were two very key provisions to his approval of the legislation and he does not want them to be changed."

Taft’s decision to keep his misguided opinion on how guns can be carried in cars proves once again that he is out of touch with the average Ohioan and also that he is not a friend to gun owners.

As stated by his spokesperson, in late 2003 Taft forced the legislature to poison Ohio’s concealed carry legislation with the two onerous provisions. He knew that his so-called public safety measures would only serve to limit the number of Ohioans willing to get a license. Sadly, a Republican Caucus with members-enough to override a veto refused to do so.

Will history repeat itself? Will the Republican Caucus allow the reform to be taken out of this concealed-carry reform bill?

For his part, the bill's sponsor, Rep. Jim Aslanides, told the Dispatch "We’re not too concerned about the governor’s position at this point."

We hope the rest of the Ohio GOP agrees, because NRA "A"-rated Democrat Ted Strickland, even with the anti-gun Lee Fisher as a running mate, could not be worse for gun rights in Ohio than 15 years of Republican governors have been.

Republicans in House and Senate now have a choice – do the right thing and let Taft know if he chooses to veto the legislation they will override him, or let it be known in an election year that the Ohio GOP has deserted gun-owners once again.

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