More proof from gun ban extremists...that bans don't work!

We do so enjoy when they help prove our arguments:

The Brady bunch's website, Jointogether, recently headlined a story which shouted "Despite Ban, Fake Guns Reemerge in Boston". The story goes on to say that "sales of fake guns have been banned in Boston, Mass., since 1988, but their presence in the city is increasing."

The Brady Campaign is funded by European-born billionaire George Soros, who has said he would spend his entire fortune if he was certain it would result in the ouster of President Bush this November.

Last week, the Toby Hoover Coalition Against Gun Violence sent out an email alert begging sympathizers to call Congress about the pending subset of the failed Clinton gun ban.

In the email, Hoover provided a list of eight crimes that occured in Ohio over the past ten years in which the violent criminals allegedly used a so-called assault weapon. That's right, these crimes occurred during the time there was a ban on these firearms.

Thanks, Toby, for proving once again that these bans do NOT work. Your research agrees with the anti-gun Centers For Disease for Disease Control, who admitted last October (after spending millions of dollars to research the effectiveness of these laws) that they found no proof they reduce firearms violence.

We doubt Hoover will have much more luck drumming up phone calls than she did during the days of debate on concealed carry. According to a February story in the Dayton Daily News, "gun advocates...sent 11 times as many letters, faxes and e-mails to Gov. Bob Taft and called his office 3 1/2 times as much as opponents of the concealed-carry bill did."

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