Move Over Soccer Moms!

By Rachel Chumita

Move over soccer moms, here come the Second Amendment Moms of America. Ohio mom, Jenny Wright, founded this group.

Jenny is the mother of two young children, and she is an avid supporter of Second Amendment rights. She takes the time to educate anyone who is willing to listen about the importance of firearms rights and ownership.

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She has had a very mixed reaction from friends and family. Although other women who are close to her are supportive of her, her biggest challenge is getting them personally involved. Jenny is also a member of a local moms group. Although she doesn’t always get a chance to be vocal about her views, she tries to seize opportunities whenever they present themselves. One of her group’s policies is that there are not to be any loaded weapons in the home of whoever hosts the group. Jenny is quick to speak up that as long as that policy is in place, all toilet seats must be down and all household chemicals need to be locked up, since they cause far more childhood fatalities than firearms do.

Jenny has been interested in Second Amendment rights for about 10 years. Growing up, she knew that her father had firearms, and she didn’t have anything against it, but further than that, she didn’t have much of an opinion on guns. Then, in high school, Jenny had a pro-gun teacher who perked up her interest in the Second Amendment. Finally, after Jenny got married, her father-in-law got her involved in shooting.

A little over a year ago, Jenny began trying to think of some way that she could reach out to other moms/ women. Finally, a little over a month ago, she decided to start the Second Amendment Moms of America. Although her group is still new, Jenny is optimistic about the direction that she would like to take it. She is excited to have a place where like-minded women can meet. Her goal is to create a place where women can feel comfortable discussing firearms. She says that she would like for her group to be a place where a woman who goes shooting for the first time, and loves it, can go and feel right at home. She says that although the group is the Second Amendment Moms, all women are welcome. “Everyone wants to save the kids,” Jenny states, “In the long run, guns are what will save them.”

Rachel Chumita is an active volunteer and editor with the Buckeye Firearms Association.

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