By Chris Chumita

In 2003, the Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership (JPFO), released an amazing documentary called Innocents Betrayed. Now in 2007, the JPFO has produced another Oscar worthy and hard hitting documentary. This time, they are exposing the truth about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Their new documentary is appropriately named The Gang.

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The Gang exposes the often abusive and over reaching practices of one of the few (possibly only) federal government agencys whose mandate is to regulate what is supposed to be a constitutionally protected right. When you see what is revealed in this video, you will be appalled and you may need to increase the dose of your blood pressure medication. You will also be shocked at how this government agency has routinely abused law-abiding gun owners and is rewarded with an ever growing budget.

One of the great things about The Gang, is that it can be watched as a full length documentary or the chapters can be watched individually. This is a great feature, because you may not be able to get an anti-gun friend to watch the entire documentary, but you may be able to get him to watch small segments.

The JPFO's website for The Gang gives the best "sampling" of what you will see in the film. In the film you will see:

    * Victims of agency abuses tell their unforgettable stories

    * Experts reveal the aggressive techniques aimed at non-criminals

    * Exclusive video shows incompetent testing conducted without standards

    * Examples show how bureaucrats deliberately destroy businesses

    * Documents reveal a shameful Nazi connection

    * A top agency executive openly admits to a policy of lying to the public

    * An attorney tells you the ten things you must do and not do when a government agent comes to your home

One of my favorite parts of the documentary was when it told of the ATF's attempt to prosecute an innocent man named John Glover. Supporters of the JPFO may remember him as the gun owner that the ATF tried to prosecute for possessing an "illegal machine gun." In actuality, the rifle was malfunctioning. Glover was vindicated thanks to firearms expert, Len Savage. A copy of the handheld video that helped clear Glover called The BATFE Fails The Test is also available from the JPFO. If the Glover case upsets you, wait until you see how the ATF retaliated against firearms expert, Len Savage. The scary thing is that Glover and Savage are not isolated cases.

The video also reveals how an ATF training video actually encouraged ATF agents to perjure themselves in court! This is just one of many shocking revelations that are revealed in The Gang.

The Gang is a must see for all gun owners and constitutionalists. This documentary is a great tool to use to help open the eyes of the general public to this very real threat to our Second Amendment rights.

The Gang is available for purchase here.

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Chris Chumita is an active volunteer and leader with the Buckeye Firearms Association

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