''Near riot'' at ''no-guns'' Dayton RTA hub

The WDTN-TV Dayton is reporting that police were called to control a crowd at a busy intersection downtown. When they arrived, the story says, a brawl had broken out at the downtown RTA Hub, and police faced an out of control mob at the scene.

From the story:

Witnesses say it looked like a near riot. They say it started when two guys started fighting while getting on an RTA bus. Soon everyone at the busy downtown bus stop started throwing punches. We were told someone tried to steal a Dayton Police officer’s motorcycle during the incident.

Police tell us they only have rumors right now but that it seems that it was something carried on from school with some juveniles.

Police have 7 teens and one adult in custody. It’s estimated that a total of 50 people were involved.

Commentary from Senate District 10 Coordinator Larry S. Moore: The Dayton RTA busses are posted with signs banning concealed carry. This, of course, results in riders also being defenseless at the hubs locations. Problems around Dayton RTA bus stops in downtown Dayton and the hub have been previously reported.

Other news reports are saying the brawl involved knives. Doesn't that violate school policy on weapons AND possibly the RTA policy on weapons? I remember a proposal to prevent kids from getting off the busses downtown. It was deemed a violation of civil rights, so it was never enforced. Meanwhile, the Dayton RTA would violate my civil rights by denying me the ability to legally carry under my CHL on their busses.

They say Dayton RTA will meet regarding the problems. Dayton RTA has been discussing the problems since the 1980s. They apparently cannot develop a solution. Meanwhile they continue to render adults who might need protection defenseless.

Mayor McLin has announced her bid for re-election. She ran on a tough on crime platform, but her administration has been anything but tough on crime. If she wants to make a difference, first she should advise the Dayton RTA to stop violating state law, and allow licensed CHL-holders to carry on the busses. Second, she should arrest/charge/suspend those that cause problems and carry illegal weapons.

So the city leaders are talking. Leaders across several generations have been talking. It is far past time for the Mayor to take a stand and live up to her campaign promises.

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