New Brady Push to Ban "Assault Clips"

by Jim Shepherd

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has renewed its attack on firearms parts, releasing a new TV commercial as part of their efforts to "encourage" President Obama to take stronger action to ban "assault clips".

You know assault clips, right? "Like those used in the shooting rampage in Tucson that left six dead and 13 injured in just 16 seconds".

In breathless prose, a Brady press release outlined their campaign against this latest national menace, describing their new commercial as part of a campaign to show - " in vivid fashion" - the danger "all Americans face from assault clips."

A tried-and-true method of turning out the media - the photo opportunity- was also announced.

Kelly O'Brien "fiancee of Gabe Zimmerman, the congressional staffer who was killed in last year's shooting rampage" was set to appear yesterday in a "Hill Press Conference" with the two co-sponsors of legislation to ban "assault clips" - Sen. Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey and Representative Carolyn McCarthy of New York. At the presser, O'Brien was going to call on President Obama to step up and push to ban "assault clips".

If you've followed the continuing efforts of anti-gun members of Congress, those names are more than familiar. These two have never met a gun restriction they don't like. Despite the fact that Representative McCarthy's ardor is fueled by another senseless attack that shattered her world, she's not let facts get in the way of her burning desire to see firearms - all of them if she were honest- collected from citizens and destroyed.

Having seen their commercial, it's obvious that the Brady campaign is working to sell more fear into a society that's already living in a constant state of turmoil. But you have to give the Brady Campaign their props on the commercial. They might be arguing against an nonexistent object ("assault clips") but they make the fear point by rapidly firing a handgun into targets that change to different silhouettes with each shot.

None of us have anything to fear from any ammunition bearing device outside a firearm. Without a firearm, a magazine -whether it hold 1 or 1,000 rounds, is the equivalent of stapes without a stapler. I'm probably more worried about the staples.

No ammo-bearing device is a malevolent entity capable of running a firearm with no human assistance. Neither is a higher capacity magazine capable of turning anyone into a crazed killer. Crazy is brought to a firearm, not the other way around.

Republished from The Outdoor Wire.

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