New Preppers Ball coming March 10, 2018

As the 2018 Preppers Ball rolls around, we would like to share one woman’s experience at the 2017 Preppers Ball. This is an event that is produced and hosted by the pro 2A group (a 501c3) which also hosts the Northeastern Ohio radio show

Freda's view of the Preppers Ball ...

Driving in Northeastern Ohio occupies a large portion of my workday. My radio is primarily set on 89.7 WKSU where I derive current news and topics of interest. Last year, an interview was held with an upper level security government official who enlightened the listeners on the topic of EMPs. They shared information and concerns. Their warnings of the potential for America to be attacked from a distance and causing us to return to “Pioneer days” of life left me shaken.

From that show, from that day, my primary focus became educating myself and all those dear to me (whether they liked it or not) to prepare. Prepare today so that we can live if needed if there were no services or security. That life as we know it today, will change tomorrow.

Lucky for me, one of my neighbors suggested I attend The Preppers Ball. Interested, intrigued, I gathered some friends, got the tickets and headed for the Tallmadge Fairgrounds for the one day event titled the Preppers Ball. Not knowing what to expect, I was not surprised at the low-key yet thorough security check in as we entered the building.

The undercurrent of the message of this event was audibly quiet, but the vendors, seminars, demonstrations, supplies, and displays visually blasted the message loud and clear. These vendors and presenters were here to teach us and share their knowledge on how to not only survive in a crisis, but to do well and protect our own. And to do so in a light hearted, I can live with it today and live on it tomorrow kind of mind set. The educators were here to help you to succeed at any level and take it as far as you wanted it to go.

My son-in- law learned what he needed to know about amateur radios and what is required to get his own certification. If we are ever in a situation where normal communications are shut down, these kinds of radios will be the only way to reach family and friends. Remember the Boston bombing incident when the manhunt also entailed shutting down all cell communication in the area.

At another table he was also able to purchase some storage containers at an exceptional price and no shipping charges! Of course, there were also the guns, bulk ammo sales and tons of raffles that kept him entertained throughout the day.

My neighbor (who directed us to this event) won himself a pepper spray canister that was so large, it can be mistaken for a fire extinguisher!! I feel an elevated sense of security with that monster in the building! And one of the educational seminars was on the correct use and application of pepper spray during a heightened incident. Tools and training in one location.

The raffles and door prizes became an obsession for another friend who came with us. She was lucky to win an awesome greenhouse. Once assembled, there were enough shelves and trays to start an enormous amount of seedlings for a very impressive garden. The staff at the event boasted that the entry ticket presented opportunities for more than $10,000 in prizes.

As for myself, my focus was on food storage and learning more about guns! The presenters on homesteading and canning were excellent. These ladies lectured us sternly on the evils of discarding stamped, “expired” dated canned goods. These smart, brave women offered to come to our homes and pick up anything that anyone in the audience felt compelled to discard. Both of these ladies were still upright and looking quite healthy, so they must know what they are talking about!

After the event, I went home, ordered books, bought canners and jars, took up shooting and bought a couple of guns. Do I feel safer and more prepared? Yes. Do I feel more secure against an outside event that could change life as we know it? Perhaps, but there is way more to learn.

Venues like the next 2018 4th Annual Preppers Ball will continue to be my go-to source of information. As a matter of fact, I was so impressed, I joined the committee to help get the word out and put on the 2018 event. And now I invite you to come and see for yourself.

Details of the 2018 Preppers Ball can be found at Tickets are $30 per person, and the event is March 10, 2018 starting at 2pm. Doors open at 1pm. The address is Summit County Fairgrounds, Arena Complex, 229 E Howe Road, Tallmadge Ohio 44278.

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