New Website Content Coming Soon

Thanks for checking out the new website. As you can see, we've opened to doors to the perverbial store, but we still have a lot of product in the back room, waiting to be put on the shelves.

In the coming days, we will tackle our mission of helping inform pro-CCW Ohioans like you on how best to utilize your time and your vote to make a difference. To that end, very soon we'll be launching a Grassroots Action Guide, providing a Candidate Voter Guide for the November elections, and adding a way for you to make online donations.

Our political action committee has hit the ground running in an effort to assure that pro-Conceal Carry Reform candidates get elected this November.

Our PAC differs from others because we are ALL volunteers, ensuring your money goes to candidates that will support your ideals. Contributions to the PAC will be quickly put to work supporting key pro-Conceal Carry Reform candidates.

This amount of content on this site will expand rapidly, so check back often. In the mean-time, here are two things you can do immediately:

1) Recommend us to your friends! We need Pro-CCW voters statewide to get active NOW.

2) Sign up for our Newsletter , so that when important information breaks, you will be among the first to not only know about it, but to know what to do about it.

The possibility for a Conceal Carry Reform bill to be passed by the General Assembly has never been better, but a final push is needed. PLEASE ACT NOW – as I write, we only have some 60 days until the November elections.

Thank you!

Chad Baus


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