New website marks a new era for Buckeye Firearms Association

In July of 2013, a cyber criminal launched a denial of service attack on our website, hoping to shut us down.

He succeeded in taking our site offline for a few days, but he failed to stop our fight against those who infringe on your Second Amendment rights. In fact, he may be responsible for the most dramatic and evolutionary period in our history.

It was during that attack that we decided to up our game and ascend to the next level of grassroots advocacy. In rapid succession, we moved our website to one of the planet's largest banks of web hosting computers, installed next generation security, and began the process of rebuilding our over 9,000-page website from the ground up to give us the communication and marketing muscle to continue our battle against the gun-grabbing Bloomberg's of the world.

This new website will become the new home of Buckeye Firearms Association. It's a more user-friendly "responsive" site, allowing you to view it on any size device from smart phones to desktops.

It offers you lots of new features, including Facebook comments with every article, a video gallery connected to our Google+ page, built-in shopping cart to help improve your shopping experience, and simpler navigation to let you find what you're looking for quickly.

In addition, we've become an Official NRA News Partner and will be working more closely with the NRA to offer you breaking news, video features, and smart commentary.

But this unveiling is about more than just a new website, Buckeye Firearms Association is growing exponentially. We now have three separate organizations to better focus our efforts where they're needed most: Buckeye Firearms Association, Buckeye Firearms Association PAC, and Buckeye Firearms Foundation.

We're running 15 events this year, including our Buckeye Bash featuring Cam Edwards as keynote speaker, Dave Grossman's Bulletproof Mind seminar, the annual Youth Shoot at Dillon Sportsman Center, and four separate classes with world-renowned instructor Dave Spaulding.

Plus, our FASTER program to train and arm Ohio teachers is in full swing, we're moving several firearm bills through the legislature, we recently became one of the NRA's top recruiters, and ... well, there's more happening than we can include in this short article.

This is just the start of some amazing things to come.

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