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Newly Updated BFA Forum Now Open

After many years of activity, our forum was starting to show signs of age. Like a creaky old house, it was time to do some upgrades and make it more modern and comfortable.

But as you have no doubt learned after tackling fix-ups around your own home, projects that seem quick and easy often turn out to be much longer and more involved. So it was with our forum.

However, we're pleased to announce that our newly updated forum is now open and humming with activity. If you haven't visited in a while, click here to have a look.

"I'm really happy to see this project complete," said Aaron Kirkingburg, BFA Forum Manager and Lead Moderator. "The old forum did its job for many years, but the software was out-of-date, we were having technical problems, and it was affecting the user experience of our members. So we decided to just start from scratch, install new software, and fix our issues in one fell swoop."

BFA is also active on Facebook and Twitter, but many supporters tell us that most of the modern social media platforms are better suited to quick "drive by" comments, and it's difficult to have longer, more in-depth conversations. They're right.

Despite the fact that about a third of the world's population is on Facebook, forums remain a popular meeting place for people with specific interests, such as firearms. Compared to social media, forums provide a comfortable meeting place with better quality discussions, better moderation by human beings rather than algorithms, less abuse and bad behavior, and a feeling of community with like-minded people.

The BFA forum hosts discussions on guns, politics, crime, outdoor activities, open carry, ARs, knives, conspiracy theories, humor, and more.

If you haven't joined the forum, click here to go to the home page and sign up to create a profile. If you have login credentials from the old forum, you can click the "forgot password" link to recover your profile. The login link is upper right on the home page.

"Facebook is great," continued Kirkingburg, "I use it to stay in touch with friends and family. But it can get pretty frustrating too. That's why so many people still like joining a forum community. You can get to know people, have great conversations, get advice on guns and gear, and relax with people like you."

Visit the BFA Forum here.

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