Time to register ''assault weapons''... But do Columbus criminals care?

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that starting Aug. 11, "assault weapons" owners will have 90 days to register their guns or risk being charged with a crime. Owners must register guns Columbus law now classifies as assault weapons, but city officials say they won’t make them trek to an office to do it. From the story: Some city officials had proposed requiring all assaultweapons owners to...

Congratulations Jean Schmidt

All of us here at Buckeye Firearms Association would like to congratulate Ohio's newest U.S. Representive and former PAC endorsee Jean Schmidt. She defeated Democratic challenger Paul Hackett 52% - 48% for the 2nd Congressional District seat in Tuesday's election.

Editorial: Toronto's mayor on a wild gun chase

Last week, the mayor of the City of Toronto, Ontario (Canada) decided that he could shift the blame for a recent spate of gun violence in his city off of himself by blaming America. In a (Canada) National Post story entitled "Shootings leave Toronto bloody", it is the sub-heading which takes the cake: Mayor blames lax U.S. gun laws after day of gunplay . The story quoted Mayor David Miller...

My Victim Zone Encounter

By Ken Hanson There has been much said about Ohio's prohibition on carrying in a state owned restroom. That's right, if you pull over in a state park or state rest area, you are technically committing a felony if you go inside armed. Needless to say it has been a banner year for weeds around Ohio's restrooms. This really hit home in a kind of hybrid way two weeks ago. After spending 12 hours...


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