Op-Ed: Gun control is the wrong debate

[Editor's Note: Rep. Brad Wenstrup is an A-graded 2022 BFA-PAC Endorsee who is seeking reelection on November 8, 2022.] There’s a prevailing myth that we can bring an end to mass shootings in America if only we banned AR-15s – or better yet, banned all semi-automatic guns as well. If only it were that simple. By the grace of God, protective firearms were present five years ago at the baseball...

Post-SCOTUS Ruling Temper Tantrums!

Tantrums - that is the only way I can describe the anti-gun liberal reactions to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in NYSRPA vs. Bruen . They are doing everything they can think of to defy that decision and in the process they are just making things worse...for themselves. Let’s look at a few examples. California and New York, two of the most anti-gun states in the United States, seem to be the...

Not the Babylon Bee: School Officials Let Armed Teens into School Because the Police Were Outside

Parody news site, The Babylon Bee (motto: “Fake News You Can Trust”), has entertained readers with such gems as Batman Unable To Keep Up With Rising Crime As Gotham City Elects Another Democrat, Nation’s Murderous Psychopaths Undecided On Whether They’ll Follow New Gun Laws, Spokesperson For Hell Rejects Biden’s Claim That US Economy Is ‘Strong as Hell,’ and many more. Readers who recently came...


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