Toledo's rage against self-defense takes a TARTA bus ride

by Chad D. Baus

The City of Toledo has quite a history of discrimination against Second Amendment rights, especially when lower income residents try to exercise their rights.

According to the Toledo Blade, Toledo's controversial ban on inexpensive firearms (which was renewed in 2002 after a tie-breaking vote from Mayor Jack Ford), has been used for just one conviction since 2000. The ban has failed to staunch a homicide rate in that city which has doubled since the year 2000. What it has done is ensure that poorer residents cannot afford to purchase firearms for home and self-defense.

OFCC has now learned that bureaucrats in Toledo are planning to take their policy of discrimination against law-abiding citizens to a whole new level.

We are in receipt of an email which indicates that the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA), has decided to ban concealed handgun license (CHL) -holders from their stations and busses. No word on how they plan on keeping out the criminals who would threaten passengers while ignoring the "victim zone" signs they plan to post.

Following is the TARTA email.

To: [OFCC confidential source name redacted]
Subject: Re: pistol packing passengers
02/17/2004 10:51 AM

From: "Joan Rife"

Ohio has a new concealed carry law. Tarta has decided not to allow any firearms on its' vehicles and is placing signs so indicating on the outside of every vehicle in accordance with the new law. We also will have such signs at all of our stations.

Joan Rife
Toledo, Ohio

Criminals don't care about "victim zone" exclusions:
On their website, the Women's Aid Organization states that "A rape may happen on a bus, crowded mall, a bridge or an unlocked office." Most rape prevention organizations provide advice to women on the problem of being targeted for rape while waiting to board public transportation, or after exiting. With TARTA's new policy, criminals will know their intended victim is defenseless. And unfortunately, we'll be reading more stories like these in Toledo:

Most sex assaults occurred in low-income areas
Any woman is a potential rape target, but sexual assaults occurred far more frequently in poor neighborhoods. In a Sacramento Bee investigation, it was learned that several victims appear to have been targeted while riding public transportation.

Cincinnati: Bus Rape Suspect Indicted By Grand Jury
A man accused of raping a woman in Cincinnati after kidnapping her from a bus has been indicted by a grand jury.

Nature of sex crimes hinders prosecution of offenders
Police say Don LaShawn Davis pulled a gun on a 37-year-old woman as she waited for a bus in east Nashville, took her to a secluded area, raped her twice and robbed her of her $2 bus fare.

Woman recalls rape in fight for police disclosure
In the dead of night this summer, a masked man has entered eight homes through unlocked doors and windows, making his way to the bedroom to sexually assault five victims, including one who was only nine. The man has taken public transit or waited near bus stops to follow victims home.

Woman reports Menlo rape
A Palo Alto woman who missed her Palo Alto bus stop and got off the bus at Burgess Gym in Menlo Park reported being raped there at about 1 a.m. July 20 by a transient, Menlo Park police said.

What does Toledo have against it's less fortunate residents? Why do bureaucrats continue to support policies which would ensure that they remain defenseless? Shouldn't a worker who travels to her job site via public transportation have the right to bear arms for self-defense, just as does a woman who travels to work in her personal automobile?

TARTA bureaucrats can be reached by email, or see here for other ways to "TALK TO TARTA".

Interested persons wishing to inform Toledo's elected leaders on the facts may contact Toledo City Council by email, or by calling 419-245-1050.
Mayor Jack Ford can be reached by email, or by calling 419-936-2020.

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