BSSA Exec. Dir.: Sheriffs have ''duty under law'' to accept apps April 8

In recent days, there have been more and more reports of Ohio sheriffs who claim to be having problems meeting the April 8 start-date for Ohio's new concealed handgun licensure law.

  • The Cuyahoga Co. sheriff's office is telling citizens they won't take applications until their new office space is prepared, perhaps around the end of May.
  • In Shelby Co., the sheriff is attempting to add an additional hour-long class (taught by himself) to the requirements for getting a license.
  • In Franklin county, the sheriff is attempting to accept applications "by appointment only", and under extremely limited hours.

    Ohioans For Concealed Carry and the Buckeye State Sheriff's Association wish to remind Ohioans that the law gives sheriffs NO discretion in terms of when they may begin accepting applications, nor for adding additional requirements, nor for delaying the acceptance of license applications via mandatory appointments.

    "Under Franklin County's mandatory appointment plan, they'll only accept applications for 12 hours per week. If this were allowed to stand, the sheriff would reduce the number of applications taken to less than 1000 per year," said Chad Baus, OFCC spokesperson. "If 3% of the county seeks to obtain a license, the Franklin County sheriff would be turning more than 30,000 people away for lack of appointment times. This is nothing more than an attempt to take the SHALL out of Ohio's shall-issue law, and we will challenge it at every level necessary.

    Buckeye State Sheriff's Association Executive Director Bob Cornwell stresses that sheriffs have a "duty under the law" to accept applications on April 8 to "everyone who shows up and files one", and to issue licenses to qualified applicants, within 45 days. Sheriffs must also be prepared to issue temporary emergency licenses to those meeting the requirements, on April 8.

    OFCC will take any failures to comply
    with this shall-issue law with the utmost seriousness.

    Please forward reports of any potentially illegal delays to [email protected].

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    UPDATE: There are plenty of sheriffs who are doing a great job at getting prepared for April 8. Remember, the job of Sheriff is an elected position, and all 88 are up for re-election this November. There are many, many sheriffs who are quite ready to serve their constituents' needs for self-protection. Click on the "Read More..." link below to view the list.

    YOU CAN HELP promote a smooth application process by taking your photo, training certificate, completed application and proper ID with you to apply.

    The following sheriffs have indicated to BSAA and/ or OFCC they will be ready for implementation of the law on April 8, making every reasonable effort to serve those who apply (list will be continually updated as new information becomes available). Please consult with your sheriff for information on possible temporary appoint schedule.

  • Ashtabula County
  • Athens County
  • Brown County
  • Butler County
  • Carroll County
  • Crawford County
  • Clark County
  • Clermont County
  • Darke County
  • Defiance County
  • Delaware County
  • Erie County
  • Fairfield County
  • Fulton County
  • Greene County
  • Hamilton County
  • Hancock County
  • Hardin County
  • Henry County
  • Highland County
  • Holmes County
  • Lorain County
  • Lucas County
  • Mahoning County
  • Medina County
  • Miami County
  • Montgomery County
  • Muskingum County
  • Ottawa County
  • Portage County
  • Putnam County
  • Sandusky County
  • Seneca County
  • Scioto County
  • Stark County
  • Summit County
  • Trumbull County
  • Van Wert County
  • Williams County
  • Wood County
  • Wyandot County

    If you apply on April 8 in ANY county, and are met with delays, including problems with obtaining a temporary emergency licenses, please forward reports to [email protected].

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