SIMPLE: Letter-writer understands; some Mayors stumped

Concealed-carry limits often are impractical

April 15, 2004
Columbus Dispatch

While I can appreciate Mayor Michael B. Coleman’s concerns regarding concealed weapons on public property and city parks, I believe it is necessary to point out the practical reality of the concealed-carry law.

The law applies to every person statewide, and if every local city and municipality had the authority to pass its own regulations, there would be utter chaos.

If localities could add additional restrictions, a permit holder might commit several felonies as he traveled down Broad Street through Reynoldsburg, Whitehall and Bexley on his way to work.

The concealed-carry training requires that permit holders know what the state law is in regard to proper transport in a motor vehicle, as well as how and where they can carry a weapon. This much is already difficult enough, but to expect that each applicant know the law for every single city, village and township is an impossibility.


Michael has got it right. He's done an excellent job of summarizing the General Assembly's intent when it put Section 9 into House Bill 12.

Columbus Mayor Coleman is crying foul, but at least he admits to the rule of law, and plans to lobby for change in the proper way - in the legislature. Officials in the cities of Elyria and Toledo have passed bans with full knowledge that they were violating the law, and their oaths of office to uphold it. Serious questions need to be raised about elected officials who are willing to knowingly break the law in this manner.

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