A Glorious Sunset

With the September 13 expiration of the Clinton gun ban fast approaching, anti-gun activists across the nation are making a renewed push to re-enact this ineffective legislation.

Congress will be in session for only 14 more work days before the sunset date arrives, and because time is short, the anti-gunners are redoubling their efforts to extend the ban. Consider these examples in Ohio:

  • Dayton editorial: Bush promise pending on assault weapons
  • Coalition to Stop Gun Violence "push poll": New Survey Finds 71% of Ohio Residents Support Assault Weapons Ban

    The Truth is Out There:

    Not matter how hard they try to erase ten years of evidence, the proof that this law belongs on the scrap-heap of history is plain to see.

    Just last week in Columbus, the failure of this law to deter criminals was displayed for all to see, as a man fired an AK-47 assault rifle from a 1988 Jeep Cherokee wagon as he sped through a residential neighborhood.

    In 2003, when concealed carry was illegal in our state, Biswanath Halder concealed a gun banned by this law into Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University and began shooting.

    School shootings at Columbine, Paducah; workplace shootings in Cincy, Cleveland elsewhere; snipers in D.C. and Columbus - all happened while the Clinton gun ban was in full effect, supposedly "protecting" the nation by disallowing law-abiding citizens the ability to purchase certain cosmetically-incorrect semi-automatic firearms.

    Need more proof that September 13, 2004 will offer a truly glorious sunset? Consider the following:

  • A Glorious Sunset
  • Gun Control: The Brady Campaign, White Lies, and Damn Lies
  • Has gun control cut violence? Even anti-gun CDC finds NO proof
  • Clintongunban.com
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