Why do so many employee manuals render workers defenseless?

All employers put their workers at risk when forcing them to disarm. Businesses who send their employees into dangerous neighborhoods, such as construction, delivery, and public utility companies, are especially negligent.

WDTN.com (NBC 2 Dayton) reported last week that a 47-year-old electrical contractor was on the job Tuesday when he was shot in a botched robbery. It happened at Northland Village Apartments in Dayton. A man who witnessed the crime says his co-worker was on a ladder when the gunman approached him. Bill Weekly said, "He asked him for some money, change for a twenty first. The man said he didn't have any money."

Officials told WDTN the robber then pulled out a gun and asked for the victim's wallet. Seconds later, the robber pulled the trigger twice, but the gun didn't fire. Then, the worker jumped off the ladder and onto the thief. This time, the gun went off and hit the contractor in the shoulder.

The victim was rushed to Good Samaritan Hospital. The news report says he's expected to be okay. At the time the story was published, no one had been apprehended or been charged in the crime.

A similar incident, with more tragic results, happened last week in the great "no-guns" city of New York. The New York Daily News reported that a hardworking father of three was killed yesterday by a pistol-packing vagrant, who was enraged about having to move his Queens shanty for a highway painting crew.

The homeless man, Steven Boyd, 60, calmly lit up a cigar after the cold-blooded attack and told the first cops at the scene, "I shot him," a law enforcement source told the Daily News.

The target of Boyd's rage, 38-year-old contractor James Gaviglia, lay mortally wounded a few feet away, his life being drained by the .45 caliber slugs pumped into his stomach under the Grand Central Parkway. According to the report, Gaviglia, a father of three young daughters, died at New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens.

Gun control kills innocent Americans every single day. If an employer bans firearms, they are helping make it easier for criminals who will NEVER be deterred by laws which call their actions illegal.

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