82-year old Dayton woman mugged

The following was posted today to a public CCW discussion group by Phillip Shiflett:

"The following post illustrates that although State and 'local' gun control guarantee elderly people carrying arms in self defense face jail, the government can't guarantee their safety."


(Dayton, OH) -- Dayton residents have expressed outrage at the latest area
robbery. Police say a woman in her 80's left her home to go to the bank but as she was walking there a thief pushed her to the ground and stole her purse. It happened Monday at the intersection of Wilmington Avenue and Patterson Road. The woman was hurt and taken to a local hospital for
treatment of minor injuries. Police say there were witnesses to the crime. Right now they are searching for a suspect.

We need to remember that most of us do not fit the profile of 'prey' for criminals and that it's those that are disenfranchised by timidity, reluctant because they lack the confidence of youth or because of disability
don't perceive themselves capable of self-defense that need this legislation the most!

This effort isn't about the fit and the confident. It's about people that are defenseless. So when you get down hearted about losing this latest round in Columbus, think about how that woman felt when that SOB smashed her into the sidewalk and used his physical strength to assault her. Think how degraded and useless a person feels as they age and realize they can be run over by anybody that is younger or stronger. Think about yourself someday, when you're 70 or 80 or 90, then you'll know why we're coming back again and again and again and again till we win.

In the long run, its not about defeating the ANTIs, its about defeating the people that would steal an old woman's purse."


A reply from Aric Rothman noted that this "particular intersection (Wilmington and Patterson) is designated as one which local police are supposed to monitor more vigorously, due to the high rate of red light-running and consequent automobile collisions. Assuming this is true, even a heightened police presence/awareness did not protect this poor lady."

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