Columbus nightclub: Disarmed CHL-holder watched helplessly as people died

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Police have interviewed more than 270 witnesses in the wake of the Columbus nightclub shooting. The mainstream media have interviewed and published stories about dozens of them. But this is a story no one has bothered to tell:

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    From: Roger
    Sent: Thursday, December 09, 2004 8:38 AM
    Subject: columbus shooting helpless victims

    My name is Roger [last name redacted]. My wife and I were at the Al Rosa Villa Dec. 8th for the concert that had several fatal shootings. We were standing right in front of the band member that was fatally shot when it all happened.

    All I can say is that I felt SOOO helpless in there. We have been there 5-6 times in 3 years for various events, all of which without personal protection. We are both licenced to carry concealed. I leave my firearm at home for these types of events because of the law. The 'Villa serves alcohol, so no guns. I leave it at home instead of in the car because of the crime (I'd hate to lose my 1911 to a criminal).

    Well, last night it all became clear to me. WOW! I stood not 5 feet from a man that was discharging his weapon into the band members head, shoulder and abdomen, then waving and shooting into the audience. I watched as he swapped clips, then I watched as he ran behind the stage where I heard several more rounds fired. I WATCHED!!!

    Wow. I could not get far with the panic. I tried to drop to the floor, but my wife would not let me drop because of fear of being trampled. I also have a prosthetic leg. While I have [good] mobility I know when I need to wait for the crowd. So, as I stated a bit ago, I WATCHED!!!

    I can not even begin to express the fear I have of crowds now. I felt so helpless to just have to ride it out and to have been lucky enough not to have been shot. I will think very hard before I go into the next victim zone! Feeling this way sucks!

    Before last night I would only carry on few dates if I knew I could carry the whole time. Now I am installing my Fingerprint lock safe in our main vehicle so I can feel as safe as possible.

    A police officer may have arrived quick and shot the suspect dead, but it was too late for many people!


Commentary by Chad D. Baus:
This Ohio CHL-holder was standing less than 5 feet away from Nathan Gale when he drew his pistol. But because Roger is a law-abiding citizen, and was obeying Ohio law which bans firearms in any location that serves liquor by the drink, he could do nothing - nothing but watch people die.

This incident reinforces the fact that disarmament zones only disarm honest, law-abiding citizens; not the criminals who prey upon them.

This mass killer broke scores of firearms, liquor and criminal laws in committing this rampage. These same laws did nothing to protect the law-abiding citizens at this event.

Under current Ohio law, bearing handguns for self-defense in establishments which serve drinks under a Class D liquor license is illegal, even for employees. In fact, Ohio's law would prevent SECURITY at this nightclub from carrying a handgun, even if the club owner had wanted them to do so.

When the Ohio House of Representatives passed Sub. House Bill 12 in 2003, specific exemptions were contained to allow bar owners to protect themselves and their patrons. This provision was stripped from the final bill by the state Senate.

Many other states allow concealed handgun license-holders to enter into liquor establishments, and even to consume alcohol, so long as they do not drink to the point of impairment.

Ohio's complete ban on self-defense in liquor establishments has proven time and again to be a complete failure. It is time for Ohio to join the other state's who have recognized there is nothing to fear from law-abiding citizens who choose to defend themselves.

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