Take Four: Youngstown Trying To Ban ''Assault Rifles'' AGAIN!

Although OFCC PAC's focus remains solely on Concealed Carry Reform, we've been asked to pass this information on by a very dedicated supporter.

If you live anywhere near Youngstown, you may wish to make sure your voice is heard.

Youngstown has apparently tried to ban "assault rifles" three times since the 1980's after a city-by-city trend of trying to pass such laws after the tragic schoolyard shootings in Stockton, California. After Cleveland passed their ordinance, Youngstown decided to "get involved". Attempts in both 1994 and 1998 to do the same thing failed.

However, Youngstown's Mayor George McKelvy, Police Chief Robert Bush, and Law Director John McNally are supposedly pushing yet again for a complete ban on assault rifles in Youngstown for the fourth time.

The actual legislation is available in our downloads section (four page PDF file, 38k).

Make some phone calls!

When calling, make sure you tell everyone you speak to that Youngstown is clearly not in the financial position to be sued by grassroots gun rights organizations over unconstitutional assault rifle legislation, and then be forced to pay the lawyers fees of those who sue them.

The City of Youngstown is already in financial distress, and they truly can't afford to be sued and lose an issue that has already been decided in the courts numerous times -- and grassroots gun
rights organizations that were there in 1989 have successfully collected over $140,000 in refunded legal fees in lawsuits directly related to these kind of unconstitutional laws.

If you live in the area, email Rick to locally coordinate attending council meetings in groups. This issue is not going to go away without a massive public outcry in Youngstown.

Youngstown Council Chambers: 330-742-8709 (Ask for your council person)
Mayor George McKelvy: 330-742-8701 Law Director John McNally: 330-742-8874 Police Chief Robert Bush: 330-742-8921 (office)
Youngstown Police Department: 330-742-8900

UPDATE: The Youngstown Tribune Chronicle has published an editorial on January 10th OPPOSING this ban.

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