Anti-self-defense Democrat Mayor Coleman to run for governor

Newspapers across the state today are covering news that Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman has announced he will seek the Democrat nomination for governor in 2006.

Unfortunately for the many pro-gun Democrat households in the state, a Coleman nomination would mean that yet another anti-self-defense candidate would top the ticket for Dems in the next state-wide election.

On April 8, 2004, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman staged a press conference next to a jungle gym, lamenting the fact that the city was unable to protect children by posting signs banning concealed handgun license-holders. Coleman called Ohio's concealed carry law "a travesty for our city and for our state."

Responding to his antics, Columbus-area legislators introduced legislation that sought to expand the ban on concealed carry to all government owned/operated parks, swimming pools, golf courses, and parking lots. The legislation further sought to expand "home rule", giving local municipalities more authority to restrict legalized self-defense (essentially, it sought to abolish Section 9 of House Bill 12). These College Rapist and Carjacker Protection bills died at the close of 2004.

One piece of good news resulted from Coleman's annoucement: the Akron Beacon Journal is reporting that the Democrat mayor of that city, Don Plusquellic, will not be a candidate for governor, because the men had a mutual agreement not to run against each other.

When Ohio's concealed carry law was passed last year, Plusquellic raised the ire of gun owners by whining that "we took guns away from the Wild, Wild West more than 100 years ago, and we're revisiting it. I really think it's a sad day. It's a real indication of the wrong direction that the state of Ohio has gone with these right-wing folks down there driving the issues."

When will the Democrat party wake up and realize that its continual parade of anti-gun candidates are leading the party farther and farther down the road to oblivion?

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