Betty Montgomery to OFCC Coor.: No CCW because of ''dastardly'' attacks on cops

On January 25, OFCC published a letter from Tim Inwood, recounting his experience questioning gubernatorial-hopeful and State Auditor Betty Montgomery about her anti-CCW record.

Just over a week later, on February 8, it was (OFCC Central Region Coordinator) Gerard Valentino's turn to query Betty on her opinion of law-abiding citizens who choose exercise their constitutional right to bear arms for self-defense...

Sent: Tue Feb 8 21:44:04 EST 2005
From: Gerard Valentino

I went to hear Betty Montgomery speak this evening. After she spoke it came time for the question and answer session.

Everyone got to write questions down and a moderator read them. Good luck was on our side and he asked mine first.

My question was: "Even though it works in 45 other states, you opposed legal concealed carry in Ohio. Now that it has been nearly a year since Ohio's law was implemented without a single case of a license-holder improperly using a gun, have you reconsidered your position?"

She responded that she respected the views of people that supported concealed carry but she couldn't agree to support CCW because of the time she spent as a lawyer and the "dastardly" (yes, she said dastardly) crimes committed against law enforcement by people with guns.

So she basically equated license-holders with dastardly criminals.

Then she said, "I don't want to live in a society where everyone carries a gun."

There was no chance for a follow-up question.

Gerard Valentino
Ohioans For Concealed Carry
Central Region Coordinator

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