Red Lake High - Another in the sad legacy of victim zone tragedies

Only police should have weapons, right? Guns don't belong in schools, right? "No-guns" signs, security guards, video cameras and metal detectors make you safe, right?

Seven victims at Minn. school shooting rampage

After reportedly stealing his grandfather's "police-issued weapons" and murdering the police officer and his female companion, a Red Lake High School student entered his "no-guns" high school Monday. He bypassed passive security measures, which included a metal detector, video cameras, and even the vaunted "no-guns" signs, all of which were installed with promises of "protection".

According to reports, the shooter killed an unarmed male security guard, before opening fire on students and teachers. An unarmed female security guard was forced to flee. Defenseless security guards, teachers and students were unable to stop him, and he finally took his own life.

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Op-ed: The False Hope of Gun-Free Zones

    Few people remember the school shooting in Pearl, Mississippi that took place in October 1997. Fewer people remember how it ended. This episode came to a close when Pearl High School Assistant Principal Joel Myrick sprinted a quarter mile to retrieve a personal handgun from his car and confronted the shooter who was unwilling to continue the attack against an armed victim.

    Myrick parked so far away from the school to keep from violating federal gun free zone statutes. By the time the shooting spree ended, two students lay dead and seven others were wounded. Myrick's heroic defense of the children at his school was sparsely reported, going mostly unnoticed by the establishment media who were unwilling to report that he used a gun to end the mayhem and murder. They were also unwilling to ask the hard question - how many children died while Myrick sprinted to his car?

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