Anti-self-defense GOP candidate picks up dubious endorsement is reporting that Ohio gubernatorial-hopeful Betty Montgomery, who opposes Ohioans' right to bear arms for self-defense, has picked up an endorsement from another person with a checkered past when it comes to concealed carry issues.

According to the report, Hamilton County Sheriff Simon Leis has given his support to Ohio Auditor of State Betty Montgomery. Additionally, Leis has been selected to run Montgomery's campaign for governor in Hamilton County.

Concealed-carry advocates will recall that it was Sheriff Leis who was the target of a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Ohio's 150-year-old concealed carry ban.

Since passage of the law recognizing the right of citizens to bear arms for self-defense, Leis and a few other urban sheriffs have made news by enforcing restrictive appointment procedures for CHL applicants, which have resulted in a reduction in the numbers of licensees in these counties. Leis also recently told county commissioners he was "totally opposed" to having secret shoppers check his office for quality of service.

Is your pro-concealed carry sheriff supporting Betty Montgomery? If you care about your self-defense rights, you'll find out, and if they are, ask them why!

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