Man with two guns arrested in ''no-guns'' Ohio U. library

Columbus' is reporting that Ryan Salim was arrested at Alden Library on the Ohio University campus at about 9 p.m. Tuesday, and that police discovered two loaded handguns concealed on his person.

Police were pursuing Salim after receiving reports that he had earlier kidnapped his roommate and took him on a 24-hour drive across the state.

According to reports, Salim, 25, was taken into custody as Athens police officers were searching the library floor-by-floor, evacuating as they went along.

From the story:

    Salim was found with two loaded handguns. He was charged with two counts of carrying a concealed weapon and one count of abduction. He did not have a concealed carry permit.

    "We had confirmation that (Salim) carried at least one pistol in a shoulder holster," said Athens police Lt. Anthony Fish. "We knew that as a fact because every roommate we talked to said that he carried it with him almost everywhere."

While media reports commonly make note of a lack of a driver's license when accidents or crimes are committed by drivers, this is, as far as we are aware, the first time an Ohio news organization has made note of the fact that a criminal act was committed without a concealed handgun license. Many other Ohio news organizations are also reporting on this incident, but are again failing to mention the fact that it is illegal to carry guns at the college, and that Salim committed is alleged acts without a CHL.

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