Bogus Pro Gun Group - American Hunters and Shooters Association

John Lott posted a story (sourcing another weblog) about a new anti-gun gun group masquerading as a pro-gun rights group. From the article:

    By creating this made up group called The American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), who will inevitably be used in future Democrat led anti gun campaigns in the near future as so called 'expert' witnesses or a 'sane' voice of sportsmen. just so the anti gun democrats can grandstand for gun control non-issues via their willing accomplishes in the press. I'd imagine the closer we get to the '08' presidential election the more (AHSA) will be in the news.

The cat is out of the bag on the Democratic Leadership Council's (DLC) phony pro gun group. The question remains on how much our mainstream "news" media will perpetuate the image that AHSA is a pro-gun rights group. Unfortunately, we all know what the answer will be.

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