Buckeye Firearms Association Announces 2005 Endorsements

The Buckeye Firearms Association proudly announced endorsements in four local races around the state today. Two of these endorsements involve candidates who are involved in run-off elections on September 13.

In Toledo, two successive anti-gun administrations have passed useless assault weapons and inexpensive gun bans, and which have posted "no-guns" signs in city parks and busses, all the while overseeing a rise in violent crime. On September 13, pro-gun voters will have a chance to vote FOR a man who opposed these ordinances and policies and AGAINST the men who are responsible for them, all at the same time. Republican Councilman Rob Ludeman is seeking the mayor's seat, and facing off against anti-gun former Mayor Carty Finkbeiner, and anti-gun current Mayor Jack Ford. Buckeye Firearms Association endorses Rob Ludeman for Mayor in the City of Toledo.

Although Cincinnati's assault weapons ban is currently tied up in court, it is on the books. Councilman Charlie Winburn is, in our opinion, the candidate who would be best to lead city government out of its anti-gun mindset, and can be counted on to attack the city's crime problem by focusing his efforts on criminals, rather than on law-abiding citizens. In the year 2000, Winburn worked with the NRA to challenge the city's reckless lawsuit against gun manufacturers. One of his opponents, the term-limited State Sen. Mark Mallory, was a consistent anti-gun vote in the Statehouse, and pro-gun voters would do well to keep him away from this executive office.

The top two vote-getters in mayoral races in both Toledo and Cincinnati on September 13 will then face one another in the November elections. The best chance to make a difference with your vote is in off-year elections. Since fewer voters come to the polls, every vote cast is that much more powerful. Don't forget to vote September 13 in Toledo and Cincinnati!

The PAC has also announced endorsements in two other races: Paul Blevins for reelection to the City Council in Elyria's Ward 4, and Tim O'Malley of Berea for Clerk of Courts.

In his last term, councilman Paul Blevins recognized the unconstitutionality of a ban on concealed firearms in Elyria parks and vocally opposed it. As a citizen, Blevins is a gun owner and firm believer in Second Amendment rights. Tim O'Malley is a pro-concealed carry small-businessman who has been endorsed by two staunch friends of this PAC, State Rep. Tom Patton and State Rep. Jim Trakas.

Thanks to those who helped bring us good candidates! There is still time to make endorsements. If any of you have a worthy candidate, please let us know.

Click here to view the Candidate Voter Guide, which includes links to candidates' websites. When announced, other endorsements will be posted there as well.

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