Gun ban extremist Toby Hoover to speak at UT Law School

The University of Toledo Law School has announced that Toby Hoover, Executive Director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, will be speaking in the College of Law auditorium at noon on Wednesday, October 26.

On the law school's website, Hoover's appearance is inserted among guest speaker list that includes Marquette University Law School Professor Janine Geske, Capital University Professor Bradley A. Smith (Former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission), and University of Chicago Law Professor Philip Hamburger.

We're not aware that Hoover is the professor of anything, or why she rates a speaker's slot at this law school, but Buckeye Firearms Association believes this appearance provides Ohio gun owners and activists an excellent opportunity to ask Hoover about what she has done with the $633,200 she has received from the anti-gun Joyce Foundation (all the while claiming that her opponents (your NRA, BFA, etc.) are buying their success at the State House), or why she feels comfortable paying herself a hefty salary while working to destroy our Second Amendment rights (for more see Exposed: Pulling back the curtain on the gun grabbers' Wizard of Toledo)

We know that unlike Toby Hoover, gun rights activists have real jobs and fight for their rights in their free time, and as such many may not be able to go to this event. But if you're in the Toledo area Wednesday and have the lunch hour free, please make every effort to take this opportunity to ask a few pointed questions to this salaried gun ban extremist whose organization, according to UT Professor Brian Patrick "appears to have no tangible, mass membership at all--even though it claims to speak for millions", and who gets her funding from an out-of-state mega-foundation that wants to steal your Constitutional rights.

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