Two-time PAC endorsee helps open state-of-the-art shooting facility

The Dayton Daily News is reporting that the Miami Valley's newest shooting range — accommodating pistol, rifle and archery — opened last weekend, featuring the only civilian-use live fire simulator in America. And among the list of owners is a name that many Ohio gun owners from the area will recognize...

From the story:

    Lauhorner Indoor Arms & Archery Adventure is a state-of-the-art indoor range for rifles and pistols up to .50 caliber. There are 13 25-yard rifle/pistol shooting lanes and four 30-yard archery lanes.

    Lauhorner, located at 309 E. Leffel Lane, just around the corner from Exit 54 off of I-70, is also a gun shop with a full line of pistols, rifles, bows, ammunition and accessories.

    "We are a family-oriented organization, a place where families can come and all ages can learn the proper way to use firearms and archery, whether it's for instruction, practice or competition," said Lauhorner operations manager David Williams, a former Dayton police officer.

    "We are all about safety. That's how everything is geared. In fact, nobody is allowed to pick up a gun in here unless they have viewed the 10-minute NRA safety tape," he added.

    Strict range procedures must be followed to insure maximum safety for all shooters. There is a glassed area behind each shooting station for observation and a range officer is on duty at all times.

After some discussion on how the range is set up to handle bullet capture and ventilation, the story continues with details on the state-of-the-art live-fire indoor simulator.

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Again, from the Dayton Daily News:

    The live-fire indoor simulator is for handguns only. It is computerized with multiple programs that put various kinds of targets on the screen, including several different types of moving and stationary hunting scenes. It even has one screen that shows the anatomy of a deer to help teach hunter education.

    Shooters shoot actual bullets into the rubber-coated screen that absorbs the bullet and seals itself up.

    "This is the very first one we have installed at a civilian range," said Penny Richardson of Laser Shot, Inc., the company that sold and installed the system at Lauhorner. "Laser Shot normally sells only to military and law enforcement."

The DDN reports Lauhorner's is open every day except major holidays, 10 a.m.-9 p.m. In addition to its club memberships, it offers several classes and will host organized competitions. It currently has a promotion set up for next weekend called the Lauhorner Challenger, seeking the "best marksperson in the Midwest for archery, pistol and rifle combined."

According to according to public records from the offices of the Ohio Secretary of State and the Clark County Auditor, obtained by the Springfield News Sun, two-time Buckeye Firearms endorsee and state Rep. Chris Widener, R-Springfield, is a part-owner of this facility.

When in doubt, always vote for the guy who owns the shooting range!

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