Basically, Betty Doesn't Get It'

By Gerard Valentino

Buckeye Firearms Association received the following email from a supporter who attended a political meeting where Betty Montgomery was also in attendance. Although Montgomery’s new campaign literature tries to paint her as the newest incarnation of Ronald Reagan, gun owners know better.

It was Betty Montgomery that expected Ohio’s concealed carry license holders would commit "dastardly" crimes against law enforcement officers, and in the past has spoken out against legal concealed carry in Ohio.

"George" (his name has been changed because he has a politically-sensitive job) states that Betty refuses to support any provision that limits media or public access to license holder's private information. Her stance shows insensitivity towards stalker victims, battered spouses and people who might have received death threats and choose to carry a gun for protection.

If Betty were truly the candidate for gun owners she would know the trouble license holders have had complying with the open car carry provision. She would also know there are well publicized cases where a license holder was put in danger when a newspaper printed their name.

Montgomery’s remarks to "George" also show that despite 18 months of concealed carry in Ohio without an attack on a law enforcement officer, despite years of legal concealed carry nationwide, she still inexplicably sees license-holders as a threat to police.

Most alarming to gun owners is her question on whether law enforcement supports HB347. It should immediately remind everyone how Governor Taft used the irrational objections one law enforcement agency administration to block concealed carry reform for years and then poison the legislation with the absurd open car carry provision.

What follows is the email text in its entirety.

---------Original Message----------
From: "George"
To: Buckeye Firearms Association
Subject: Basically, Betty Doesn't Get It

During a political club meeting last evening I had the great opportunity to have a nice chat with Ohio gubernatorial candidate Betty Montgomery. The subject in which I engaged Betty Montgomery was the Second Amendment and concealed carry in particular. I found Betty to be very polite and willing to take time out of her busy schedule to discuss CCW reform. Unfortunately, her views on CCW seem a bit skewed.

I began by asking if she was familiar with HB347, the HB12 clean up bill recently introduced by Ohio legislator Jim Aslanides. Candidate Montgomery said she had indeed heard of but wasn't familiar of the particulars HB347. She inquired if the bill removed the media access loophole, then stated under no circumstances could she support a bill that limited media access to the names of concealed carry permit holders. "The public has a right to know." Based on her experience as a prosecutor she feels that publicly listing the names and addresses of permit holders does not pose a threat to them, that criminals were not smart enough to use the lists to commit crimes.

I did not attempt to debate her on this point as she was adamant in her opinion. Instead I proceeded to discuss some of the other issues HB347 seeks to rectify, namely car carry. Betty wondered why the law needed to be changed at all, wasn't it working? I informed her of the difficulty in complying with some aspects of HB12. The fact that in plain sight has never been defined by the legislature, leaving discretion to the individual police officer and possibly putting law abiding permit holders at unnecessary risk. I pointed out to her that the law is even harder to comply with for female license holders due to dress and other factors. She seemingly did understand this issue and I think I made some leeway on it.

Candidate Montgomery then stated she was solely concerned for the safety of law enforcement officers and was worried that a permit holder may pose some sort of risk. I believe everyone wants our law enforcement officers to be safe. But, I was shocked to think that candidate Montgomery truly believes the police are at any kind of risk from Law abiding permit holders. I reminded her that license holders must go through background checks and extensive safety training. That license holders are statistically less likely to commit even minor offenses than other segments of the population.

Candidate Montgomery asked if HB347 had the support of law enforcement. As this legislation has just been introduced, I told her I was not aware if the various Ohio LE groups had announced official positions but I assumed the Buckeye Sheriff's Association would likely support the bill while the Highway patrol as usual would not.

I jokingly reminded her of the claims anti-gun groups had predicted of "Blood in The Streets" and CCW permit holders getting into running gun battles on the freeways. She said now that the law had been in effect for over a year she would like to hear testimony regarding people's experiences with CCW.

Lastly, she finished by saying the typical politicians answer, she came from a family of hunters and supported the Second Amendment. That's great I thought, not that the Second Amendment has anything to do with hunting. Candidate Montgomery also stated that she helped pass the first concealed carry law? I was not sure what she was referring too - perhaps affirmative defense?

All in all, speaking with Ms. Montgomery was a positive if not frustrating experience. She is a lovely lady, but not a good candidate in my opinion for those concerned with improving concealed carry law.

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